Rock The Red Pump

Every year, the US recognises the National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, a day designed to shine a spotlight on how this devastating illness affects women and girls all across the country, as well as encouraging women to take action against this epidemic.

Rock The Red Pump is the flagship initiative of NWGHAAD, where women are encouraged to put on their favourite red shoes for the day and have healthy, productive conversations about this illness, sexual health, HIV prevention, and healthy intimate relationships, as well as reducing the stigma. Its overall goal is to break the barriers and social stigma surrounding HIV, so we as a society can move towards helping patients and potentially finding a cure. Rock The Red Pump has been running for over 10 years, and March 2018 saw a month long social media campaign to push these goals forward.

NWGHAAD and Rock The Red Pump are so important because so many women and girls suffer in silence with this disease. A woman is diagnosed every 47 minutes in the US, and HIV is the leading cause of death for black women ages 25-34, and with your help Rocking the Red Pump, we can help bring these numbers down.

Every year sees the cause go from strength to strength and the commitment to the cause grow more deeply. High profile celebrities like Alicia Keys, Chaka Khan, and Kim Coles have backed the cause, and the events have grown ever more elaborate, with things like red themed fashion shows, summer soirees and black (red) tie balls all being used to raise awareness. The backbone of the movement has always been with the efforts of regular people, and with events like bake sales designed to bring people together to have these tough conversations, or even just donating and wearing your red shoes, you can help contribute to this incredible cause.

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